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In the© we have been more than 10 years in providing internet services and offer this service for streaming audio and video in real time to all those churches, ministries, radios, transmitters or individuals who wish to have your radio on internet. The increased use of audio and video transmission over the Internet has led us to implement a service (audio and video streaming) that is both economical and easily implemented.

What We Offer

The internet radio audience is growing, and you, too, can have your own 24/7 Christian Music station online! It used to cost many hundreds or thousands of dollars to put a live worship service on the radio. Now, through, you can stream your worship service on the Internet at a fraction of that price so even the smallest church or ministry can afford it.

  • Your church's own 24 hours online music station
  • Broadcast your worship service LIVE!
  • Your youth group's own 24 hour music station.
  • Internet radio for ministers, speakers and teachers.

A phone call or email can make it happen for your church or ministry in a week. Less than a week. That's how long it takes us to get you started. Contact us now for more information
Call us, we'd love to talk to you and answer your questions. Call us at (863) 904-5604 or you can email us at We're excited about your ministry's future!